Personal Financial Management & Client Portal


Helping clients understand the importance of cashflow, while empowering them to take control of their financial wellbeing, will set your business and your services apart. Not only that, it will allow both your clients and you, to go on life’s journey together.

Part of building a trusted relationship is demonstrating how well you know your clients and applying that understanding to respond to their changing needs and circumstances. Moneysoft's solutions are there to help you do just that, enabling you to focus upon your clients and their goals. 

Our Personal Financial Management Platform (or PFM for short), has been specifically designed by finance professionals for finance professionals. We understand your business, your market and your challenges. Our technology has the tools you need to provide an invaluable, ongoing and personalised client service. 

How Moneysoft’s PFM Platform helps you

Increase engagement and retention

Create greater relevance

Support efficiencies and scale

Increase revenue opportunities

Build trust

Moneysoft helps your members and clients gain confidence in their future financial wellbeing.