Custom Solutions

All Moneysoft business account subscriptions include co-branded white labelling, free of charge.

If you’re looking to completely re-brand the Moneysoft portal and mobile apps to your own specifications, custom white labelling is the solution for you.

The table below outlines the key differences between co-branding and custom white labelling. 

Co-branded White Label Custom White Label

Hosted customisable client landing page and masked sub-domain URL (eg. My Business).

Hosted custom landing page and private URL (eg. My Money Buddy).

Your company logo propagated across website, reports and emails.

Your company logo propagated across web and mobile apps, app stores, reports and emails.

Text adjustments to emails to include your Business name and any nominated Service name. Free customisation of your client invitation email template.

Completely customise all email templates that are sent from the Moneysoft system, as well as the way in which they are sent (email notification management).

Standard Moneysoft mobile apps available for your clients from app stores.

Own-branded mobile apps for iOS and Android in the app stores.

Standard category groups, categories, features and functionality. Apply custom category groups and categories across all of your clients by purchasing an add-on.

Includes custom category groups and categories that apply automatically to financial transactions across all of your clients. We can also put business-wide auto-categorisation rules in place to save you and your clients even more time.

Standard features and functions. Apply custom feature and function access controls by purchasing an add-on.

You have total control over which features and functions your clients can access. Apply view-only access, or hide any feature or function to completely customise your process and the client experience. Replace the Support contact for clients with personalised contact details for your service

Standard resources, brochures and tutorial videos to help you, your colleagues and clients become experts in no time.

Specify the materials and videos that are available to business users – you can also create and add your own materials!


Plan Price

Co-branded web and mobile apps

Included free with all subscriptions

Custom white label web app and domain

$5,000 p.a.*

Custom white label mobile apps (iOS and Android)

$5,000 p.a. *

Custom white label bundle (all apps web and mobile)

$9,000 p.a.*

*All White Label plan costs cover build and maintenance.

Add-ons (customise your process and user experience)

A full white label domain implementation includes a number of customisations, which can be subscribed to without the need to purchase a full white label domain, including: 

  • Custom Category groups and categories
  • Feature and function access controls
  • Custom reports (design your own)
  • Custom email templates
  • Transaction auto-categorisation rules across all clients
  • Automated and scheduled reporting

If you would like to know more information about these add-ons, please contact us via email 

Free White Label Wizard

We have created a tool to help you as a business with your own brand, understand what your own app will look, feel and click like. 

Click here to start.

Run through the wizard, or close it and click on the pencil icon to start adjusting the colours, logo and font as you prefer.

Once you’re happy with your look, click on the arrow icon on the right-side of your screen to generate your unique link. This can be shared internally, allowing other team members to update and create their own link. 

Ready to talk to us about white labelling for your business? 

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